Steampunk Da Vinci Cupcake WIN!

cupcake cute design dessert food Steampunk - 6403528192
By Unknown

Bike Mod WIN

bike design mod motorcycle Steampunk - 5958645760
By Serrena (Via

Steampunk Portal Gun WIN

DIY fan made g rated Hall of Fame nerdgasm Portal Steampunk win - 5944455680
Via Obvious Winner

Steampunk Nerf Mod WIN

g rated Hall of Fame modification nerdgasm Nerf Steampunk toy win - 5879058944
Via Obvious Winner

Link Looks Way Cooler on a Mech Version of Epona

Steampunk video games zelda - 7763708928
Via Etsy

Portal Gun WIN

nerdgasm Portal Steampunk wood - 6564217088
Via Duncan Shirah

Cogs Cake WIN

cake design dessert food Steampunk tasty treat - 5210438144
By maxystone

Steampunk is for the Birds

Steampunk sculpture design g rated win - 8393389056
Via Colossal

Steampunk Controller WIN

controller custom DIY Hall of Fame nerdgasm Steampunk wood xbox - 5352140288
Via Geeky Gadgets

The Neverwas Haul is the Victorian Mobile Home That Never Was

mobile home Steampunk design g rated win - 8026572800
Via Obtanium Works

Steampunk Vader WIN

darth vader nerdgasm star wars Steampunk - 5126381312
Via Geeks Are Sexy

Keyboard WIN

computers Steampunk design nerdgasm keyboard - 6848278528
Via Neatorama

Candy Buckets WIN

bucket candy custom DIY halloween Steampunk - 5337075968
Via Neatorama

Daft Steampunk WIN

classy cosplay daft punk dapper design Hall of Fame Steampunk - 5798022400
Via LJinto

A Couple Gigs of Steampunk

Steampunk gadget USB g rated win - 7130269440
Via Etsy

Steampunk Vader Helmet WIN

custom darth vader DIY helmet nerdgasm star wars Steampunk - 5331934720
Via Geeks are Sexy
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