Only the Brits Could be This Humorous and This Sad at the Same Time

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Sad list robin williams celeb rip - 302341

Remembering the Comedy Greatness of Robin Williams

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Coincidentally, That's Where All the Garbage is Going!

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We All Need a Friend Like This

we all need a friend like this
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cancer Sad Video wedding Heartwarming Tearjerker - 62129409

Heartwarming Tearjerker of the Day: A Wedding That Will Move You

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Photo of the Day: Giraffe Kisses Terminally Ill Caretaker Goodbye

animals cancer photos giraffes Sad zoo - 8116012800
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Sad tearjerker notes g rated win - 165893

Tearjerker of the Day: Dying Father Writes Over 800 Inspirational Napkin Notes to Make Sure She Never Has to Eat Lunch Without One

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Sad cute Video - 73494273

A Beloved Dying Dog Gets to Play in the Snow One Last Time

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After This Guy Found out His Sister Had Been Killed in a Car Crash, He Got Help from One Truly Awesome Cop

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A Man Found a Message in a Bottle From a Fifth Grader That Will Break Your Heart

image message friendship A Man Found a Message in a Bottle From a Fifth Grader That Will Break Your Heart
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Honesty Hurts WIN

car clever Sad sign stealing theft true facts window - 5626409472
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Sad wedding - 80267777

This Guy Has Had Enough of Trends for Making "Fun" Wedding Memories

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Deadpool's Ryan Reynolds Honors Cancer Victim's 14th Birthday In Touching Tribute

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A Grieving Father Asked Redditors to Photoshop a Picture of His Late Baby Daughter Without Any Tubes. The Response Was Heartwarming.

Sad feels Reddit - 8257317120
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Sad Memes Batman v Superman batman interview - 84794625

Ben Affleck Has Seen Your Sad Affleck Memes and Isn’t Impressed

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Sad graduation tearjerker - 60950529

Tearjerker of the Day: Faithful Service Dog Walks in Deceased Owner's Place During Graduation

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