Birthday Cake WIN

cake clever design nerdgasm Portal - 6202924032
Via Geeks Are Sexy

Rubik's Companion Cube WIN

companion cube nerdgasm Portal rubiks cube valve - 5144895744
Created by Unknown

Ride & Companion WIN

cars jeep nerdgasm Portal video games - 4840628992
Created by LadyCobra69
design engineering Portal project school turret Video video games - 37850369

DIY Turret WIN

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clever computers Music nerdgasm Portal Video video games - 29869057

Still Alive Floppy WIN

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The Portal Bike is for Sale!

nerdgasm Portal bike funny - 7495508992
Via Geekologie
clever Music nerdgasm Portal song Video video games - 32950017

Portal Mashup WIN

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Now You're Biking WIth Portals!

bikes nerdgams Portal video games - 4904657408
Created by Unknown

Test Subject Cons WIN

converse custom DIY g rated nerdgasm Portal win - 6070304256
Via whatthechell

Portal Braces WIN

costume fan fan made nerdgasm Portal video games - 5653958656
Via Neatorama

Yes, the Customer Reviews Call it "A Lie"

cake nerdgasm Portal video games - 7377503744
Via "Buy" it Here!

Valentine's Card WIN

card nerdgasm Portal Valentines day video games - 5813551616
Via Geeks are Sexy

Portal Cake WIN

birthday cake cake food Hall of Fame nerdgasm Portal video games - 5448408320
Created by Unknown
lego nerdgasm Portal Skyrim Video video games - 34675201

LEGO Video Games WIN

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Portal Cosplay WIN

cosplay costume nerdgams Portal video games - 4941447680
Created by Unknown

Portal Gun WIN

nerdgasm Portal Steampunk wood - 6564217088
Via Duncan Shirah
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