Photo of the Day: Mecha Pac-Man

pac man Photo nom nom nom - 8094659584
Created by Unknown

Completely Relevent News: Celebratory Photo WIN

celebration newspaper Photo sperm - 4962801152
Created by Unknown

Self Portrait WIN

astronaut Photo self portrait space - 4773267200
Created by Your.Boss

Wedding Photo WIN

kick martial arts Photo photography wedding - 5323536640
Created by Unknown

Pic of the Day: Check Out the View From the Top of the Golden Gate Bridge

epic picture Photo - 8291468544
Via BlackNut
kids growing up parenting dad Photo daughter Video win - 61027073

Dad Photographs Daughter Every Day For 18 Years

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Amusement Park at Sunset WIN

amusement park Photo sunset - 4914869760
Created by Unknown

Photo of the Day: Heart-Shaped Cloud Appears Above Wedding

clouds marriage Perfect Timing Photo weddings - 8362121216
Via Today

Photo of the Day: Who Says You Need to Hide Wires?

art Photo - 8112872704
Via Hiding Wires

Checkmate WIN

amusement park chess game Photo roller coaster whee - 5247471616
Created by maxystone

Family Photo WIN

alligator baby family Photo - 4701179648
Created by Unknown

Photo Timing WIN

awesome beach buildings Photo rainbow shadows water - 4846981888
Created by Unknown


Photo pose - 4650390272
Created by Philip Meehan
camera costume custom DIY halloween Photo Video - 28104193

Camera Costume WIN

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Restored Faith in Humanity of the Day: Reddit Restores WWII Veteran's Damaged Navy Photo

random act of kindness restoring faith in humanity week Photo - 7462938368
Via Reddit

School Photo WIN

dogs Photo portrait wait what - 5277390080
Created by Unknown
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