This Dude Tweeted an Amazing Life-Changing Story About His Girlfriend Moving in with Him

Arthur Dayne, a.k.a. @wenotsocks, went on a hilarious Twitter rant to share with the world his unexpected experience of living with his girlfriend.

At first, Arthur was a little suspect about the whole cohabitation deal. But after his girlfriend began helping with bills, folding his laundry, and changing his sheets (daily), Arthur soon realized he was a changed man... and he'll never be the same again.

funny tweets by Arthur Dayne | Bag - Arthur Dayne @WeNotSocks NIGGA STANDING THERE 5h LOOKING LIKE MR KRABS MEME 352 254 Arthur Dayne @WeNotSocks Also single had one pillow. Now have 32 like why do have 32 pillows. She said 5h decoration WHO 907 1,026 Arthur Dayne @WeNotSocks 5h Btw Yal ever heard some shit called decorative towels? She got some decorative towels apparently can't dry myself with. WHY GOD t815 1,057 Arthur Dayne @WeNotSocks This shit work both ways, her car fucking up and she gon
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