Take That, Gravity WIN

balance bowling Gravity sorcery sports - 5706748416
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Tricky View WIN

clever design Gravity illusion perspective sorcery - 5806712064
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The Best Way to Show Up to an Oscar Party? Dressing as the Entirety of an Oscar-Nominated Film.

costume Gravity oscars - 8092073984
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twitter list photoshop Gravity Hillary Clinton - 163333

Single Topic Tweet of the Day: The New York Times Magazine Cover Proves Why the Internet Loves Photoshop

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sorcery tea Gravity Video g rated win - 69142785

Who Needs Gravity When You're Pouring Tea?

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Cup Balancing WIN

cups Gravity physics restaurant stacking - 6045652736
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Mind Blown WIN

photography Gravity perspective illusion - 6767651328
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Perspective WIN

clever Gravity perspective photography tricky Wait For It - 5650397696
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Chair Stacking WIN

bored chair Gravity stacking - 6203780864
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mother nature ftw nifty Gravity Video win - 67647489

Gravity Holds These Rock Formations Together in a Cool Design Proejct

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Water WIN

art bottle design Gravity shelf - 5944442112
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Who Needs Gravity? WIN

art Gravity installation nature photography wincation - 6154248704
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Clever Dice WIN

clever design dice Gravity nerdgasm - 5420444416
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Forget Gravity WIN

contraption Gravity physics sorcery weight - 5765893376
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Uphill WIN

gifs cars driving Gravity BAMF hill - 6767639808
Created by Unknown

Forget You, Gravity!

physics Gravity jenga - 7312176128
Created by Unknown
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