Casting Fireball WIN

Chemistry fireball school science - 6457120256
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Chemists Have the Worst Sense of Humor

sign puns Chemistry g rated win - 8132793600
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Elemental Mug WIN

coffee science Chemistry mug - 6891119872
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Chemistry conductor float science Video - 27589121

Levitation WIN

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Who Wrote This Chemistry Book, a Dad?

school puns textbook dad Chemistry win - 8753131264
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Let's Hope This Answer is Super Effective

pokemon test chemistry Let's Hope This Answer is Super Effective
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Caffeine Molecule on the Outside, Coffee on the Inside

science Chemistry funny mug - 7870631424
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The Chemistree

christmas Chemistry win g rated School of FAIL Hall of Fame best of week - 6891037440
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Chemistry magic reaction science Video - 26595585

Science WIN

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Periodic Pillow WIN

Chemistry design nerdy periodic table Pillow science - 5226896896
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Someone Just Found the Real-Life Severus Snape

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Wine WIN

alcohol Chemistry diagram drink glass graph nerdy wine - 5273847296
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