Juxtaposed Vinyl WIN

80s michael jackson parody record vinyl Weird Al Yankovic - 5080510464
Created by Unknown
80s advertisement back to the future Doc Brown Movie Video - 25074689

Great Scott Ad WIN

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Music 80s Video - 79793409

Paul Rudd and Jimmy Fallon Made a Shot for Shot Remake of a Styx Music Video

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80s Cake WIN

80s cake food nerdgasm pac man - 4574526464
Created by jtspooner ( Via )
Music pop culture 80s compilation Video - 76262913

All the the 80's Pop Culture You'll Need in Under 5 Minutes

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Akira Jacket WIN

80s anime fashion jacket nerdgasm - 5324168960
Via Neatorama

LEGO Ghost Trap WIN

80s Ghostbusters lego model Movie nerdgasm toy - 5765560832
Via Alex Eylar

Hacked IRL: Not Afraid

80s Ghostbusters hacked irl Movie nerdgasm sign - 5989048832
Created by Queenie

Ghostbusters Cake WIN

80s cake food Movie nerdgasm nostalgia - 5835170560
Via Poppet with a Camera

New Ride WIN

80s car custom DIY driving Ghostbusters - 6470359552
Via Reddit
80s a cappella back to the future Movie Video - 26254849

Back to the Future a Capella WIN

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LEGO Back to the Future WIN

80s back to the future design lego nerdgasm nostalgia - 5779323392
Via Flavorwire

Goonies WIN

80s car modification pop culture That Will Buff Out - 5209844224
Created by Unknown

Completely Relevant News: Dr. Barbarian, So Long

80s completely relevant news Conan the Barbarian Movie - 5215984896

Tablet Cover WIN

80s cover design gadget g rated Movie win - 5625785856

Lego Predator Busts WIN

80s alien Aliens lego model nerdgasm pop culture Predator sci fi sculpture - 5196066560
Via Geeks Are Sexy