Ugliest Tattoos


Emerging From Her Cocoon?

fairy pixie wings - 6314119680
By Unknown

I Believe I Can Fly

back tattoos believe wings - 6359156736
Via F*** No Bad Tattoos

Lordy, Lordy, Looks Who's Stupid

back tattoos Death wings - 6576086784
By Charllotteee


banner heart wings - 6190875904
By Ed

Accentuate the Best Parts

fantasy wings sexy tattoos chest tattoos - 7139644672
By Unknown


bones internal organs names tramp stamps wings words - 5108508928
By Unknown

A Bird of a Feather

wings feathers tattoos - 4293293824
By Unknown

Jesus H Christ!

jesus arm tattoos wings - 7330194688
By Unknown

Those Are Wings For a Mouse

bad wings tattoos funny - 4379836160
By Unknown

Bad Kitty

back tattoos cat wings - 6629092096
By AprilShowers1975

Broken Wings

wings back tattoos - 6841712640

I'm Sorry About Your Angel

angel wings - 6742400000
By siouxie

With Those Little Wings?

wtf wings tattoos funny - 4563839232
By Unknown

One Bad Motor Scooter

motorcycle wings - 6154139136
By chrisrosano (Via 4qconditioning)

A Plate With Wings?

blue feathers wings - 6222052352

A Family of Fairies

wtf fairies wings tattoos family funny - 4584587008
By tbaby
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