Ugliest Tattoos


That Poor Baby

baby back tattoos wings - 6411972096
Created by Unknown

"It Isn't Done Yet!"

wings back tattoos - 7148578048
Created by Moof

Bad Kitty

back tattoos cat wings - 6629092096
Created by AprilShowers1975

Emo You Didn't!

heart wings chest tattoos - 7013361152
Created by 666buttsrule420

Classy Warrior

angel wings sexy tattoos demon - 7016368640
Created by bunnielova

Time to Get Medieval on Your Chest

shield skulls sword wings - 6149175040
Created by Unknown


banner heart wings - 6190875904
Created by Ed

Are You an Angel?

wings back tattoos - 6787887360
Created by Unknown

Those Are Wings For a Mouse

bad wings tattoos funny - 4379836160
Created by Unknown

BURP! Excuse Me

angel shoulder tattoos wings - 6391366912
Created by smostaert

Scientist Did Say That Some Dinosaurs Resembled Birds

wings tattoos funny dinosaurs - 7554657024
Created by Unknown

Failure is the First Step Towards Success

wings back tattoos wrestling - 7308595712
Created by Unknown

What is This?

back tattoos wings - 6610976512
Created by Kristin

Accentuate the Best Parts

fantasy wings sexy tattoos chest tattoos - 7139644672
Created by Unknown

My Favorite Character From The Matrix Too

bad funny tattoos wings - 4369292032
Created by Unknown

Movies From the 1990's Called, They Want Their Symbolism Back

wings back tattoos crosses - 7342723072
Created by Unknown
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