Ugliest Tattoos


Dr. Teeth and The Electric Mayhem WIN!

arm tattoos dr. teeth and the electri Hall of Fame muppets win - 6431097344
Via Boing Boing

Animal is Stoked to Be On This Back

muppets tattoos animal funny win - 4734976768
By Unknown

Invader Zim & GIR WIN!

pig win - 6368662784
By Ghuthak

Thundertats Hooooooo!

back tattoos win - 6686396160
By jshove1

London at Night

win - 7074869504
By Unknown


art teeth win - 6536508928
By insectpins

Things Got a Little Too Hot

win - 7366836736
By Unknown

I Wonder if Bruce Campbell Reimburses for Badass Evil Dead Tattoos?

evil dead win - 7401257728
By goddamnmike

This Hiking Map isn't Helpful at All

win - 7405852160
By Unknown

Rock Me Amadeus!

win - 6576107008
By Unknown

It's Not Easy Being Choked

arm tattoos the muppets win - 6592195328
By instructivo

Wonder Woman WIN!

back tattoos win - 6443084032
Via Killer Victim

Words to Live By

Ugliest Tattoos win - 7148095488
By Unknown

This Tattoo is the Champions, My Friend

arm tattoos win categoryimage - 6639272960
Via F*** Yeah, Tattoos

Never Too Soon

tattoos funny win g rated Ugliest Tattoos - 7457109760
By Unknown

Spirited Away Tattoo WIN!

tattoos funny win - 7827527424
By StegaCoraus
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