Ugliest Tattoos


There's a Lot Going on Here, and None of it Makes Sense

what funny weird - 7473155328
Created by Red_Dazes

What Kind of Woodland Creature is This, Anyway?

what cartoons funny weird - 4760589056
Created by arion86

Anatomy. How Does It Work?

anatomy g rated Ugliest Tattoos weird wtf - 5082255616
Created by The Bandit ( Via Lucky Dog Tattoos )

Dry Cleaning Always Ends in Severe Burns

weird wtf - 5079242496
Created by Unknown

If You Could be My Punk-Rock Cupcake I'd be Your Doughnut King

punk cupcake weird - 7455341056
Created by Unknown

Must Be An Allergic Reaction To Bad Music

back Music weird wtf - 6062625024
Created by why_on_earth

This Entire Pose Looks Uncomfortable

goth babes funny weird - 7516343040
Created by FrauAdal

In Memory of My Thirteenth Birthday

texas weird wtf - 5052943360
Created by Tara contreras

It Translates to "Really Liked 'Stargate'"

what funny weird egyptian - 7461884928
Created by ras543

That's More About Dragon Balls Than I Ever Needed to Know

what funny weird - 7498587904
Created by Unknown


what tribal weird - 4513009408
Created by h4xorz

Alice in Bananaland

what funny weird - 7755446016
Created by qwerty321

This is Supposed to be a Straight Razor

design what weird - 4503846400
Created by vegavelocity

For Those Who Like to be Watched

tramp stamp eyes tribal weird - 7516355840
Created by FrauAdal

Take a Walk into the Ocean

what portrait weird - 7571639552
Created by nick

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