Ugliest Tattoos

tattoo WIN

Tattoo WIN: Why So Serious?

batman dark knight Hall of Fame joker tattoo WIN WHY SO SERIOUS - 5981132288
By Unknown

This Is What a Tattoo is Supposed to Look Like

animal Hall of Fame muppets tattoo WIN - 6146610176
By Kfitz90

Tattoo WIN: Calvin and Hobbes Continue On in the Tattoo Universe

calvin and hobbes dinosaurs tattoo WIN - 5854235904
Via F Yeah Tatoos

Tattoo WIN: So That's What a Spine Looks Like

back tattoo tattoo WIN - 5932666368
By el.carl2 (Via psychodelic-candy)

This Guybrush Threepwood is Really Well Done

cool Videogames tattoos funny tattoo WIN Ugliest Tattoos win - 7630338560
By LegoLittleBrick

Tattoo WIN: Heyyyyy youuuuu guyyyyyys

tattoo WIN - 5726434304
By SCVDemon

Tattoo WIN: Now You're Playing With Portals

tattoo WIN - 5707315200
Via Mike Adam

Tattoo WIN: Spaceman Spiff to the Rescue

calvin and hobbes tattoo WIN - 5832823552
By Unknown

Tattoo WIN: Needs More Dinosaurs

calvin and hobbes tattoo WIN - 5915953920
By Unknown

Tattoo WIN: The Thing is Here!

chest tattoo superheroes tattoo WIN - 6034959616
By Unknown

Tattoo WIN: We Can't Stop Here, This is Bat Country

Hall of Fame tattoo WIN - 5937478144
By starlexi

Tattoo WIN: The fact that they're remaking the Evil Dead makes me sad in a profound way

evil dead g rated Hall of Fame Movie nerdgasm tattoo WIN Ugliest Tattoos - 5805961216
By Unknown

Tattoo WIN! Dragons, Dragons, Everywhere

back tattoo dragons tattoo WIN - 6008728832

Tattoo WIN: Oh My.

Hall of Fame tattoo WIN - 5888248320
By Unknown

Tattoo WIN: His Back is the Final Frontier

Star Trek tattoo WIN - 5783297536
By Doc Waldrop

Tattoo WIN: I don't know about you but the first 15 minutes of that movie had me in tears

Hall of Fame movies tattoo WIN - 5783230208
By Unknown
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