Ugliest Tattoos


Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Bat Tat!

thumbs up tattoo - 7891233024
Via The Circle London


butt tats butts Hall of Fame horror films human centipede tattoo Ugliest Tattoos - 5729052416
By Ashley (Via


futurama tattoo - 6138296320
By Unknown

These Dr. Wily Castles are Getting Really Unimaginative

tattoo what skulls funny - 4503840512
By vegavelocity

At Some Point, the Motivational Effect Has to Wear Off

tattoo arm g rated Ugliest Tattoos - 7295881216
By Unknown

R.I.P. John Adams, Our First President, Famous For His Lightning Experiment

tattoo Ugliest Tattoos - 6699237376
By Unknown

From the Land of Ice and Snow!

chest Music tattoo - 5472213504
Via Ulitmate Classic Rock

Rest In Piece Bro

FAIL tattoo spelling - 8574793472
By psjoe96

Isn't This a Quote From Master Splinter?

poem tattoo - 7321705216
Via F*** No Bad Tattoos

One Incredible Marie Curie Tattoo

wtf awesome tattoo science funny - 7863510016
By Unknown

Bela's Derp

tattoo funny derp - 4449346304
By Unknown

Not a Bad Idea

tattoo g rated - 7132580864
By Unknown

In case you didn't already know what this meant...

tattoo - 4851802624
By Lilia

Eeveelutions Tattoo

awesome tattoo amazing - 6738877952
By Unknown

Cattoo Fail

cat FAIL tattoo - 6550246912
By Unknown

I'll Be Back!

celeb tattoo The Terminator Movie Arnold Schwarzenegger - 6674526464
By Unknown
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