Ugliest Tattoos


Stars shine brightly, just like you! These luminous balls of gas are just scintillating and marvelous in the night sky, and even in picture. So if you want all the wholesome and funny puns and memes that can come from these astronomically-oriented bodies, look no further.

How Did They Get That Cross Embedded Into Your Back?

back tattoos cross stars - 6568487680
By Unknown

"Hey, Let's Start a Kick-line!"

arm tattoos soccer stars - 6983999488
By Unknown

It's Never Lenny

stars the simpsons - 6450218240
By Unknown

You Might Wanna See a Doctor for That

face tattoo stars - 5077307648
By Unknown

Baby, U Is a Star

belly tattoos stars - 4930276864

They Only Come Out at Night

head tattoos stars - 7168907776
By kjag

They Used to Make Scrap Books for This

back tattoos hearts stars - 6350310144
By Cgi

Pretty Boy Swag

face tattoos stars - 7140712192
By Emi_Chan

Black and Bloob

heart stars sun - 6367302912
By Unknown

Baby, I'm a Star

belly tattoos stars - 6718010368
By toocoolforyoutho

How Many Bad Idea Can You Fit on a Forearm?

arm tattoos butterflies stars - 7333455104
By Annon

3 Strikes You're Out

back tattoos flowers pixie stars - 6471108608
By greatbigsquirrel

Where is Your God Now?

angel clouds halo stars - 6364079872
By Shama Lamadingdong

Do You Believe in Mirades?

arm tattoo stars - 6280144896
By Unknown

Magical Mystery Dice

bad wtf dice tattoos stars g rated Ugliest Tattoos - 4294797312
By JoeyPistachio

Five Out of What? 100?

chest tattoo stars - 6233581568
By Unknown
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