Ugliest Tattoos


Stars shine brightly, just like you! These luminous balls of gas are just scintillating and marvelous in the night sky, and even in picture. So if you want all the wholesome and funny puns and memes that can come from these astronomically-oriented bodies, look no further.

The Old "Junk Drawer" Tattoo

arm tattoos diamonds lipstick crosses stars - 7118947840
By Unknown

"Hey, Let's Start a Kick-line!"

arm tattoos soccer stars - 6983999488
By Unknown

Motor Goat

goat stars - 6183468288
By CrazzyGrrl

This is NOT the Way to Solve Your Hair Issues

head tattoos stars - 6943811328
By Unknown

So, This is What $20 And a Bottle of Tequila Gets Me?

bad tattoos stars funny - 7828131584
By Unknown

Spelling Isn't Exactly a Necessity

text tattoos misspelling stars funny - 7817807360
By Michael Cox

Believe in Yourself

arm tattoos treble clef facebook stars - 6787900672
By Unknown

Twinkle Twinkle Little Scar

foot tattoos stars - 6563623424
By Unknown

Call to Duty? Prestige 6!!

arm tattoos stars g rated Ugliest Tattoos - 7332013056
By jennifer

Oh She Will, Will She?

hearts stars - 6559100928
By BluBrry

"I'd Eat Your Soul, if My Mouth Wasn't Pinned Shut"

face tattoos stars piercings - 6952001024
By Unknown

Is That an Original Van Gogh?

arm tattoos stars - 6472281600
Via Esteemsters

They Used to Make Scrap Books for This

back tattoos hearts stars - 6350310144
By Cgi

Patriot Shames

roses stars - 6238384384
By Unknown

Save Your Breasts, Destroy Your Face

face tattoos stars - 6310712064
Via Jukeboy

Do You Believe in Mirades?

arm tattoo stars - 6280144896
By Unknown
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