Ugliest Tattoos


Fill 'er Up

guns back tattoos skulls - 7185813248
By anonymous

Totally Forgot About The Secondary Skull in Your Shoulder

skulls tattoos - 4386634752
By Unknown

Since When Do Skulls Have Eyebrows?

tattoos skulls funny - 7845733120
By emilie

Sorry Man! I Take it Back! The Tats are Great! Put the Gun Down!

guns tattoos everywhere skulls - 7176134656
By Unknown

Awesome Dood!

chest tattoos self shot skulls swastika - 6196072704
By lollatrollalol

No Wonder They Always Hear Death Whispering

halloween ears tattoos skulls funny - 7836589824
By Unknown

I'm Assuming That's Lipstick

skulls wtf tattoos - 7946592256
By Unknown

Death is a Literal Life-Ruiner

tattoos face tats skulls funny - 4655655424
By Unknown

How in the Hell?

body modification g rated Hall of Fame knuckles skulls Ugliest Tattoos - 6410948864
Via Reddit

Time Has Changed You

time clocks tattoos skulls funny - 7616553472
By Unknown

Time to Get Medieval on Your Chest

shield skulls sword wings - 6149175040
By Unknown

Every Rose Has Its Skull

wtf tattoos skulls roses - 4276068096
By Unknown

Knit or Die

skulls g rated Ugliest Tattoos - 7396269824
By Chyanna

These Dr. Wily Castles are Getting Really Unimaginative

tattoo what skulls funny - 4503840512
By vegavelocity

Why You Shouldn't Let Your Boyfriend Do Your Tattoos

back tattoos skulls - 6878480640
By demonkitty (Via Cheezburger iOS Builder)

At Least He Could Have Put The Seat Down

tattoos skulls toilets - 4322574848
By brandon
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