Ugliest Tattoos

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Classy Warrior

angel wings sexy tattoos demon - 7016368640
Created by bunnielova

Mischief or Mishap?

leg tattoos sexy tattoos - 6885225984
Created by mynewfave


nurse sexy tattoos - 7022496000
Created by Unknown

Mirror, Mirror, On My Thigh

sexy tattoos scissors - 7308497920
Created by Unknown

New Pennsylvania Flag?

sexy tattoos - 7313596672
Created by cawlikeacrow

Zakk Wylde Won´t Be Happy About This

guitar sexy tattoos - 6415780096
Created by donroland90

Assless Chaps & Talentless Tats

arm tattoos sexy tattoos cowgirls - 7112432640
Created by moorissa

"I Hafta Hold My Over-Sized Head Up or it Will Fall Over"

sexy tattoos - 6347278592
Created by Unknown

"Excuse Me, Waiter! There's a Topless Mermaid in My Beverage!"

lat tat sexy tattoos - 6517427712
Created by Unknown

Post Op Santa

sexy tattoos - 6915216896
Created by Unknown

Who's Uglier?

arm tattoos sexy tattoos - 6744742912
Created by charles_n_charge

They LOVE That Stuff

cake leg tattoos sexy tattoos Ugliest Tattoos - 7015354368
Created by Beer Nerd

Accentuate the Best Parts

fantasy wings sexy tattoos chest tattoos - 7139644672
Created by Unknown

She's a Super Freak!

arm tattoos sexy tattoos facebook - 6910337024
Created by Catchingflies
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