Ugliest Tattoos


Domantas Parvainis Takes Realistic Tattoos to the Next Level

tattoo WIN portrait g rated - 7522465280
Via Illusion

I Kinda Like This

glasses tattoos portrait beards funny - 4568514560
By Unknown

Come as You Are

kurt cobain Music nirvana portrait rock star - 5060576768
By Frank

He's Wondering How He Was Brought to Existence

bad tattoos portrait funny - 4702312960
By Unknown

What a Shady Looking Child

bad wtf tattoos portrait funny - 7816931840
By Carlos

Sorry Girls

bad tattoos portrait funny - 4650061056

I'd Be Screaming Too

glasses tattoos portrait funny - 4706536960
By Unknown

A Gloriously Horrid Portrait

bad wtf tattoos portrait funny - 4735777792
By Jason

"Every Man Dies, Not Every Man Really Lives."

portrait - 6112411392
By A. (Via

Ugly Crew

tattoos portrait family ugly funny - 7817209856
By Bob Peters

Give Me a Portrait of My Kid, But More Frankensteiny

portrait tribute - 2951391232
By Unknown

The Marriage Went South After This

face portrait tribute woman - 4976296448
By mamabella (Via Facebook)

Herp, Derp, and Larry!

portrait derp g rated Ugliest Tattoos - 7510522624
By wolverinehunter

Her Face Looks Like a Plastic Bag

bad tattoos portrait funny - 7728772352
By yvonne

The Visage of Our Techno-Goth Future

goth what portrait funny - 7763338752
By Unknown

Someone is a Huge Family Guy Fan

family guy portrait funny - 7765567232
By jeff.cross.98 (Via Cheezburger iOS Builder)
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