Ugliest Tattoos

poorly drawn

Not Where You Want to Point A Gun

guns poorly drawn - 5604656896
Created by Unknown

Tonight, on SyFy...

godzilla poorly drawn - 5731030272
Created by Unknown

Where the Ugly Things Are

poorly drawn where the wild things are - 5734600960
Created by Unknown

Thaaat's Not What Wings Look Like

back tattoos poorly drawn wings - 5192205312
Created by Unknown

He's sad because he wishes he were drawn better

poorly drawn - 5812012288
Created by augustin11

The Toxicity Must Have Made Its Way to the Brain

poorly drawn - 6049515264
Created by SaetonChapelle267

Lesson: Don't Let Toddlers Tattoo You

poorly drawn - 5236246784
Created by Unknown

Ratfink Looks Psychotic Enough When He's Drawn Correctly

poorly drawn - 5865306624
Created by Unknown

The Eye Sees All!

poorly drawn - 5150825984
Created by helloagony