Ugliest Tattoos


Tattoo WIN: What's the Star Date?

tattoo WIN nerdgasm Star Trek funny g rated Ugliest Tattoos - 7518802688
Via Geeky Tattoos

The Iron Man Suit, Mk. Derp

comics nerdgasm funny g rated Ugliest Tattoos - 7477182720
Created by FrauAdal

True Fans Get Their OTP on Their Arm

x men nerdgasm funny - 7766266112
Created by FrauAdal

Tattoo WIN: The fact that they're remaking the Evil Dead makes me sad in a profound way

evil dead g rated Hall of Fame Movie nerdgasm tattoo WIN Ugliest Tattoos - 5805961216
Created by Unknown

You Can Spot a Final Fantasy Fan from a Mile Away

final fantasy nerdgasm video games funny - 4511500800
Created by Unknown

This is the Best Tattoo for a Blood Donation

the legend of zelda nerdgasm Ugliest Tattoos - 7495541504
Via Reddit

The Killing Joke is This Ink

joker nerdgasm superheroes batman funny - 4503847680
Created by vegavelocity

That's Terrible Controller-Holding Form

nerdgasm video games funny g rated Ugliest Tattoos - 4501419776
Created by Unknown

Points For the Concept, Demerits for Execution

nerdgasm doctor who funny - 7499602688
Created by Erowin