Ugliest Tattoos


Emo You Didn't

emo lyrics Music - 5035537664
Created by Konstance

I'm a Belieber

Music justin bieber g rated Ugliest Tattoos - 7325992704
Created by Line

Skin Damage, Inc

back piece metallica Music - 5111861760
Created by Lydia

Thats The Sound of Love

Music butterflies tattoos love funny - 4454993408
Created by Unknown

Say What?

Music chest tattoos - 6696004864
Via F*** No Bad Tattoos

On A Side Note

bad Music tattoos - 4314026240
Created by SergeantGrumble

You Spelled "Crap" Wrong

Music back tattoos - 7089300992
Created by milw414

Sugar and Spice

arm tattoos hearts Music - 6429083136

Something Tells Me Not Even Skrillex Would Approve of This

dubstep Music - 5933953280
Created by Unknown

When Your Alt-Rock Tattoo Ends Up Looking Like Mickey Mouse...

Music bad idea funny - 7761967360
Created by Unknown


bad Music dubstep tattoos funny - 7642685952
Created by JLH

When Stereo Is on Fire, Music Stops Speaking

arm tattoos fire Music - 6417563904
Created by satanist_cancer

Tummy Music

Music tattoos funny - 4425355520
Created by Unknown

What happens when you see Green Day again...

green day Music - 5783128576
Created by Unknown

Iron McMaiden?

metal Music what funny - 7764886272
Created by wolverinehunter

Something in the Way

kurt cobain Music nirvana rock star sunglasses - 4977015808
Created by Unknown
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