Ugliest Tattoos


Blah Blah Blah...

lat tat motto - 6574379776
Created by LYNN

You've Got to Be Kidding Me

expression misspelled tattoos motto - 6192384256
Created by ChillHumanoid

Worse Than YOLO?

beautiful disaster motto - 4977709056
Created by Unknown

If Only There was an Abbreviation for This

motto yolo - 6192304640
Created by kjag

Woah, Totally

lat tat motto words - 6591475712
Via F*** Yeah, Tattoos

Two Times the Fail

misspelled tattoo motto - 6253494528
Via Tattoo Failure

You Should Have Bought a Vowel

god arm tattoos motto - 6776037376
Created by milw414


arm tattoos motto Ugliest Tattoos yolo - 6434408192
Created by Unknown


misspelled tattoo motto - 6194227968
Created by Chanmar

You Spelled "YOLO" Wrong

motto yolo - 6218188032
Via F*** No Bad Tattoos

It's True, I Can't Understand Your Words

illegible tattoos motto chest tattoos - 6752795136
Created by Unknown

I Never "Smageruned" This!

believe Hall of Fame illegible tattoo motto - 6153797632
Created by Bayne666

Does It Match Your Panties?

Flower motto - 6140624128
Created by kjag

Nah, Just go Over the Sharpie

font motto stars - 5138874368
Created by Iizpeps

Don't Use Google Translate for Tattoos

misspelled tattoo motto - 6175952384
Created by Bolmara ( Via stylisticorpus )

Worse Than YOLO?

Harry Potter motto - 4990985216
Created by Sarah
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