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This Tattoo's So Bad, it Made the Sun Cry

sun bikinis lat tats - 7146228992
Created by jenny01

With You Forever, On Your Stomach

tribute tattoos portrait tattoos lat tats - 7124426496
Created by kjag

I Would HATE That Life

expressions text tattoos lat tats - 7246639360
Created by Unknown

I Don't Understand

expressions facebook flowers lat tats - 7118286592
Created by ditship


lat tats - 7380471296
Created by Unknown

You Don't Say?

expressions illegible tattoos lat tats - 7120708864
Created by cawlikeacrow

Now Why Would Anyone Do That to Themselves?

animal prints lat tats - 7166119680
Via F*** No Bad Tattoos

A Nurse That Makes You Feel Worse

nurse lat tats - 6924275200
Created by Unknown

Regerts, I've Had a Few...

regrets misspelled tattoos lat tats - 7058328320
Created by Unknown

I Won't Ever Forget About You... Unfortunately

lat tats - 7363794944
Created by Unknown


animals lat tats - 7296959488
Created by geniusburger

He Has His Arsenal at Hand... Er, Side

guns lat tats - 7376150016
Created by lordromford

She's Got a Bad Case of "Hank Hill Ass"

sexy tattoos lat tats - 6901874432
Created by Concerned citizen ( Via )

Words to Die By

bear lat tats - 6713942272
Created by Wyatt Smeltzer

A Tree Dumbass

facebook trees lat tats - 7208655360
Created by Unknown

"Wanna See My Tattoo?" *Takes Off All Her Clothes*

lat tats - 6864716032
Created by Unknown
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