Ugliest Tattoos


Heart Burn

arm tattoos heart fire - 6647816704
Created by Unknown

Does He Love You Back?

heart leg tattoos - 6652857088
Created by Unknown

You Spilled Some Yolo on Yourself

crown diamond heart - 6430343936
Created by Christina6

What Am I Looking At?

hair heart - 6195522560
Created by Unknown

Did You Cover Up a Scar, or Create One?

leg tattoos heart - 6647675648
Created by Unknown

Emo You Didn't!

heart wings chest tattoos - 7013361152
Created by 666buttsrule420

I Challenge You to Try to Make Sense of This

heart back tattoos hand - 6905641728

Looking Tough, Sweetie

heart tough funny - 4777794304
Created by RenataS

Cardiac Disgust

heart - 5515113216
Created by pufflez

She Always Wanted Double D's

heart misspelled tattoo - 6260252672
Created by Unknown

*You're and *Faced

heart misspelled tattoos - 6440307456
Via WTF Tattoos

D'oh Heart!

heart homer simpson the simpsons - 6108113920
Created by k1k1chan ( Via )

Frankenstein Covers Janis Joplin

heart chest tattoos hand - 6771724544
Created by m3ssiah ( Via Cheezburger iOS Builder )

Heart Birds

heart birds tattoos - 4289550592
Created by Unknown

How Many Things Are Wrong With This Picture?

banner flowers heart misspelled tattoos skulls - 6324592640
Created by Unknown

You'll Never Catch Me Lucky Charms!

smiley face heart cupcake finger tattoos - 6700887808
Created by Unknown
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