Ugliest Tattoos


Only God Can Fudge Me

hands - 7372874752
Created by JFE

Something is Wrong, I Just Can't Put My Hand On It

bad hands tattoos funny - 7820008448
Created by ikukù

What's Wrong With These Fingers?

fingers hands wtf tattoos - 7966857472
Created by pflarity

Always Got a Friend

hands tattoos shoulders funny - 7854681344
Created by Unknown

Pray That Middle Finger Nail Regrows

bad wtf hands tattoos prayer funny - 7705109504
Created by Unknown

Informative AND Poorly Done!

what hands funny - 4505860096
Created by Unknown

Cool! Now Make Him Eat a Banana

hands tattoos elephants funny - 7852946176
Created by beernbiccies

Nothing Creepy About This At All

chest hands tattoos funny - 4432339968
Created by Unknown
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