Ugliest Tattoos


No Body Issues Here

butt tattoos hands - 6381642752
Via Ratchet Central

That's Where You Chose to Place That Tattoo?

hands religious tramp stamps - 7155249664
Created by P

What's Wrong With These Fingers?

fingers hands wtf tattoos - 7966857472
Created by pflarity

What's Going On With Her Right Hand?

FAIL snow white hands tattoos funny - 4630416640
Created by Unknown

They Almost Look Like Abstract Sea Creatures

wtf fingers hands tattoos funny - 7560271360
Created by Abstractsea123

Place Hands Here

hands butt tattoos - 6871408896
Created by Unknown

Only God Can Fudge Me

hands - 7372874752
Created by JFE

With My Foot Hand

wtf hands tattoos - 4307983872
Created by Unknown
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