Ugliest Tattoos


A Tattoo of a Tattoo-Gun Gun?

guns funny wtf tattoos - 4389188608
By Unknown

6 Finger Lady

guns - 6407173120

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

christmas guns - 6916090624
By Unknown

Fill 'er Up

guns back tattoos skulls - 7185813248
By anonymous

Well, That's Not Ominous At All

guns warning tattoos love funny - 4630263040
By Unknown

Oh Grandma, You and Your Automatic Weapons

grandma guns - 5169214208
By mischa3x4

Gun Flowers

guns tattoos tramp stamps - 4285551360
By Unknown

Quantity vs Quality or Quality vs Quantity? Apparently Not the Same Thing

guns facebook skulls - 7083365632
By Unknown

Looks Like One Hell of a Party

guns - 6321407232
Via Indumentum Oris Melancholia

Better Conceal What You Are Carrying

guns gifs tattoos funny - 4499681536

Your dignity agrees with you

guns leg tattoos - 5811902208
By augustin11

You Don't Get a Tattoo of Chuck Norris

guns chuck norris foot tattoos - 6686475008
By jshove1

Not Where You Want to Point A Gun

guns poorly drawn - 5604656896
By Unknown

Airport Security is Going to Have to X-Ray Her Legs

guns funny wtf tattoos - 7889086720
By beernbiccies

Asa Gone Wrong

guns lat tats - 6910229504
By Artemis

Looks Like She's Packing More Than Heat

guns sexy tattoo - 6182757376
By Unknown
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