Ugliest Tattoos


Start strumming that guitar and they will come running. The guitar is one of those instruments that will just never be out of style, and will always be there to impress your less musically-gifted compatriots. So let's see that Paco de Lucía impression and laugh a bit, can't hurt...much.


guitar naked lady - 6367907584
Created by Unknown

My Neck, My Back...

guitar back tattoos - 6980892416
Created by Unknown

Don't Laugh, That Guitar Has Scoliosis

guitar Music tramp stamp funny - 7490313472
Created by Unknown

Anything Aquaman Can Do, I Can Do Better...

guitar octopus batman - 6705467904
Via F*** Yeah, Tattoos

That's a Funny Looking Guitar

guitar - 6526999040
Via F*** No Bad Tattoos

Zakk Wylde Won´t Be Happy About This

guitar sexy tattoos - 6415780096
Created by donroland90