Ugliest Tattoos


Too Little Too Late for the Wisdom

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By John K

Looks Like Stitches From Implants

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Via F*** No Bad Tattoos

Quantity vs Quality or Quality vs Quantity? Apparently Not the Same Thing

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By Unknown

Raise Your Glass if Your Tattoo is Spelled Wrong

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By Charlie

Appreicate That it's Permanent

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By Unknown


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By Unknown

Good Thing He Didn't Get a Myspace Tattoo

arm tattoo facebook - 6213775104
Via s***-that blows

What Comes After Vee-Ai-Ai-Ai O'Clock?

roman numerals facebook mistake funny - 7512026880
By ditship

How Can You Mend a Broken Heart?

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By Jenny

Swag Theigh U Got There

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By Unknown

Hepatitis C? Just Wash the Needle Under the Tap

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By Mick

"Insert Name Here"

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By blah_kitteh

Just Like Tupac

chest tattoos facebook self shot thug life - 6345169152
By Unknown

So Close

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Via F*** No Bad Tattoos

This is Why the South Will Never Rise Again

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By Unknown

I'm Pretty Sure I Could Make a Better Anchor

anchors arm tattoos facebook scratcher tattoos - 7259523840
By Jess F.