Ugliest Tattoos


Bela's Derp

tattoo funny derp - 4449346304
Created by Unknown


portraits tattoos funny derp - 4649520384
Created by Unknown

marilyn monghole

tattoos marilyn monroe funny derp - 7642914304
Created by Unknown

This Dog is Angry at Its Creation

bad dogs tattoos funny derp - 7672958464
Created by disgruntled customer

Go Get Your Money Back

bad kids tattoos funny derp - 7466220288
Created by tispuppylove ( Via Cheezburger iOS Builder )

The Grim Derper

Death grim reaper funny derp - 7521448448
Created by Unknown

Please Forgive Them For They Know Not What They Do

jesus bad tattoos funny derp - 7664449280
Created by raylee ( Via Cheezburger iOS Builder )

What's Downs, Dog?

dogs derp - 7120710656
Created by cawlikeacrow

You Can't Spell Derp Right?

tattoos funny derp - 4547062016
Created by Devo

While You Are Super Drunk at a Mexican Restaurant You Can Point to This Tattoo as an Answer to What You Want to Eat

Babies wtf tattoos funny derp Ugliest Tattoos - 7720146432
Created by Unknown

Derp From Aboove

bad tattoos funny derp - 4671074816
Created by Unknown

Someone Oughta Lock Them Up

tattoos funny derp - 4711208448
Created by C

Herp, Derp, and Larry!

portrait derp g rated Ugliest Tattoos - 7510522624
Created by wolverinehunter

The Bride of Derpenstein

wtf frankenstein tattoos funny derp - 7534467072
Created by kaysadeeya

The Derrrs

tattoos funny derp - 4666262016
Created by xXARTtasticXx


disney tinkerbell derp - 7096155648
Created by Missy
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