Ugliest Tattoos


What's cool to you might not be cool to the next person, so make sure you really have a good idea what is in, and what is out.

Freedom From Work For a Bit

cool freedom heads tattoos funny - 7711684608
By Johnny Whistleblower

Mountain Goat Enthusiast

cool goats tattoos funny g rated Ugliest Tattoos - 7722441216
By Unknown

The Snack That Smiles Back

cool sunglasses tattoos funny g rated Ugliest Tattoos - 4429631488
By dansmitha

Pizza is Always Kosher

cool pizza tattoos Ugliest Tattoos - 7984882944
By beernbiccies

Tattoo Ettiquette

comic cool - 6440656128
Via Kate or Die!

This Guybrush Threepwood is Really Well Done

cool Videogames tattoos funny tattoo WIN Ugliest Tattoos win - 7630338560
By LegoLittleBrick

Classic Children's Literature Thigh Tattoo

cool literature tattoos funny - 7708722176
By LiteraryGeek (Via Literary Geek)

Now to Get an Arm Tattoo in The Arm Tattoo

cool arms tattoos - 7958599680
By Unknown

Dat Childhood

cool calvin and hobbes tattoos funny - 7832317696
By T3hripper
tattoos that incorporate scars, tattoo of a bird using a scar as a branch

25 Cool Tattoos That Turned Scars Into Art

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