Ugliest Tattoos


Cap'n Kitteh

cat - 6500266752
By Van

Pizza Roll

cat pizza - 6610130688
By Unknown


cat face woman - 6489738240
By mallory.ashley

Cattoo Fail

cat FAIL tattoo - 6550246912
By Unknown

Aristocat WIN!

cat g rated Hall of Fame monocle top hat Ugliest Tattoos win - 6359470592
Via Reddit

Grumpy Cat, Why Are You Melting?

cat tribal funny - 7506652160
By im_stealn_sum_ur_fudz_k_thx_bai

Glorious: Not the Right Word

cat - 6061964288
By xaguax


cat leg tattoos - 6686912768
Via F*** Yeah, Tattoos

There is No Dana, Only Zuul

cat hand tattoos monster - 6820131328
By Cupcake129

Bad Kitty

back tattoos cat wings - 6629092096
By AprilShowers1975

Purrrrfectly Lame

cat flowers tramp stamp - 6568290816
By Unknown

Sloth Cat

cat - 6820266752
By AshesVonDust

Isn't That the Singer From That One Band?

cat tattoos with tattoos - 6260746496
By Unknown

That's Some Fine Pussy There

cat leg tattoos - 6521073664
By Agamid

Those Sad Little Eyes!

cat - 6747666688
By Unknown

Get That Removed Right Meow

back tattoos Balloons cat - 6394680320
By SpazzRats