Ugliest Tattoos


I'll Save You the Trouble: It Says "Nothing Trivial"

bird neck tattoos - 6352392192
Via Pucking Fabulous

Put a Bird on It!

arm tattoos bird Hall of Fame Subway - 6430773504
Created by Unknown

How Does I Read?

arm tattoos bird heart illegible tattoos - 4930838272
Created by Unknown

Isn't This What ALL Tattoos Say?

back tattoo bird daddy didn't love me enou sword - 6280318464
Via Shane Acuff Artwork

Your Family Crest is Sharting

bird - 6192863488
Via F*** No Bad Tattoos


bird twitter - 6320345344
Created by Unknown

A Little Bird Told Me

bird face tattoos - 6424124928
Created by LadyLady

Ride 'Em Cowsquirrel

bird lat tat - 6587146752

This Creature Doesn't Even Exist in Fantasy

bird dolphin dragon - 6250620416
Created by spcegoast2

My Feet!

bird shoulder tattoos - 6276067072
Via F**k Off S**t Tattoos

That is One Excited Bird

arm tattoos bird Ugliest Tattoos - 6469401600
Via F*** No Bad Tattoos