Ugliest Tattoos

arm tattoos

Assless Chaps & Talentless Tats

arm tattoos sexy tattoos cowgirls - 7112432640
Created by Unknown

50 Shades of Stupid

arm tattoos rope - 6726292224
Created by Unknown

Senorita Bozo

arm tattoos - 6771727104
Created by m3ssiah ( Via Cheezburger iOS Builder )


marilyn monroe arm tattoos - 6682243328
Created by michellemikki

Just as Bad as Tweety or Piglet, Bro

arm tattoos Sesame Street - 6776027392
Created by milw414

Is That ALL You Be?

arm tattoos - 6628548352
Created by Unknown


arm tattoos text tattoos - 7318157312

Justice is Blind, Just Like Your Tattoo Artist

arm tattoos justice america - 7067041024
Created by Unknown

My Tat is Done!

arm tattoos flames scratcher tattoos money - 7159167488
Created by tygergrrl

The Old "Junk Drawer" Tattoo

arm tattoos diamonds lipstick crosses stars - 7118947840
Created by Myri5

Why Shadow, Why?

arm tattoos family - 6843672320
Created by Unknown

How Does I Read?

arm tattoos bird heart illegible tattoos - 4930838272
Created by Morganbh

Fifty Shades of Green

the muppets arm tattoos miss piggy - 6868244224
Created by Unknown

Hot Enough to Melt a Face

arm tattoos portrait tattoos children - 7140440064
Created by Sick-Sht

Scrabble Fail

arm tattoos text tattoos superman - 7159726592
Created by Unknown

More Than One Road Leads to Rome

arm tattoos - 6828899328
Created by Unknown