Ugliest Tattoos

arm tattoo

The Wood of Suicide

arm tattoo tree - 6349420288
By JadieLane

Good Thing He Didn't Get a Myspace Tattoo

arm tattoo facebook - 6213775104
Via s***-that blows

Tattoo WIN: Well Done Sir.

arm tattoo Hall of Fame tattoo WIN - 5526631424

Lil' Chris... Big Fail

arm tattoo - 6757095424
By WickidKitten

Trying to Get That Minority Scholarship, Are We?

arm tattoo - 6251718400
By andrewinsuresal

They're Grrrrsh*tty

animal arm tattoo tiger - 6371582208
By Unknown


arm tattoo - 6250722816
By Unknown a Heart-Shaped Graph?

arm tattoo - 5922538752
By augustin11

Coolio or Juggalo?

arm tattoo - 6430434304
By Fahrzeug (Via TMZ)

Kinda Cute, Kinda Disturbing

wtf arm tattoo - 6772507648
By jshove1

Elvira Pls

arm tattoo - 6720382464
By Unknown

Michael Jackson: Before and After

arm tattoo michael jackson skeleton woman - 6349414400
By JadieLane

Wanna See My Pickle?

arm tattoo - 6422888448
Via F*** Yeah, Tattoos

Do You Believe in Mirades?

arm tattoo stars - 6280144896
By Unknown

Fresh From the Sewer

arm tattoo - 6307243008
Via Reddit

"Lookin' for a Good Time, Sailor?"

arm tattoo pin up - 6289880320
By Unknown
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