Ugliest Tattoos


96 Problems and Roman Numerals Ain't One

FAIL roman numerals tattoos - 8819443456
Via reddit

Close Only Counts in Horseshoes And Hand Grenades

FAIL tattoos funny - 7631457536
By Unknown

Human Branding

FAIL tattoos lips funny - 7461424896
By Unknown

What a Cute Kid You Have

FAIL kids portraits tattoos funny - 4627576576
By Monica

At First, I Thought This Said "Spaghetti"

juggalos FAIL tattoos - 4638917376
By Mary

I Forgot How to Cursive

FAIL tattoos misspelling cursive funny - 7516359936
By FrauAdal

No Regrets, Ever

yolo FAIL tattoos funny - 7550563840
By Woolley

It's Too Bad It Won't

FAIL tattoos misspelling funny - 4633609984

Look! Up in The Sky! It's a... It's a... Hmmm...

FAIL birds tattoos funny g rated Ugliest Tattoos - 4680868352
By Unknown

Rest In Piece Bro

FAIL tattoo spelling - 8574793472
By psjoe96

Wait Until You See It

yikes FAIL kids tattoos funny - 7521604608
By Cobain94

What the Efffff does this say?????

Music FAIL tattoos funny - 7672613888
By Bobby

If Only There Was an Abbreviation For This

yolo FAIL tattoos - 7344646400
By Swaggy McYolo

Ugliest Tattoo Fails

Funny picture of a horrible tattoo that I really hope that person was able to get removed, or is in a place that is not too visible.
By Unknown

Nice Centering

FAIL tattoos funny - 7461876992
By ras543

Consider It Done

wtf FAIL tattoos funny - 4749082880
By Unknown
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