There, I Fixed It


Come at Me, Zombro!

g rated Hall of Fame tank there I fixed it zombie apocalypse zombie - 6405774080
Created by jenny2012


guns knife overkill zombie - 4078930944
Created by Unknown

Zombie Proofing 101

dangerous doors holding it up home improvement zombie - 4809165312
Created by PCosta


car Hall of Fame Kludge tank war zombie - 3941298688
Created by Unknown
chainsaw g rated gun mod there I fixed it Video YT video zombie - 32821249

AK Chainsaw

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Zombieproofing the Family Car

zombie suv car fix car fail steel corrugated steel - 6685332992
Created by Unknown


broken window dual use Professional At Work zombie - 4099228672
Created by Mothman9

Those Zombies Wont Know What Hit 'Em!

cell phone g rated Hall of Fame nokia peanut phone there I fixed it zombie apocalypse zombie - 6423257088
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