There, I Fixed It

zip ties

Good Enough

engineers there I fixed it zip ties - 7927460352
Via Izismile

Don't Trust a Carabiner? Zip Tie It!

there I fixed it zip ties - 7947893760
Created by Unknown

At Least The Arrows Are Pointing The Right Way

boots dual use snow winter zip ties - 4433194496
Created by gml4

My Husband "Fixed" His Fan With an Old Broom Handle

zip ties fans - 7369180928
Created by Karen Bowman

The Securest Security Camera

security zip ties funny - 7690704384
Created by Ruslan

Where Bottled Water Actually Comes From?

zip ties water bottle funny there I fixed it - 7709081856
Created by Unknown

Crapalytic Converter

dual use exhaust zip ties - 5097462784
Created by Unknown

It's Floppy, But Not Flimsy

not a kludge office supplies zip ties - 5226630144
Created by Unknown

Add Them to Everything, House = Organized

clever dual use neat zip ties - 5640783616
Created by J

Instant 3 Ring Binder

binder zip ties - 6955337472
Created by ComputerGenius

Finally Ready For Winter

zip ties insulation pipes duct tape there I fixed it - 7994085888

Zippity Do Dah

zip ties funny - 7628531456
Created by Unknown

Makeshift Splint

zip ties there I fixed it wrench - 7869574656
Created by overwhelmed1

There, I Organized It

zip ties funny tape there I fixed it g rated - 7824463616
Created by Cog


coat hook lock Mission Improbable public bathroom zip ties - 3460893440
Created by Unknown


car frankenstein zip ties - 3208370176
Created by Unknown
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