There, I Fixed It

zip ties

I Can't HANDLE This!

doors zip ties handles pliers - 7168079104
By leotb

Zip Tie Stitches!

zip ties car funny - 7411833856
By shakedownst (Via Cheezburger iOS Builder)

You Want a ZIP of Coffee?

zip ties coffee pot funny there I fixed it - 7504837888
By Xavier88

Triple Fix

zip ties PVC pipes - 7321199616
By adamyaz

The Tail Lights Are Installed

duct tape zip ties pick up trucks tail lights - 7904138496
By Unknown

The Situation is Under Control

playstation controller zip ties video games there I fixed it - 7859500800
Via Black Rock Lied

Weed Whacked

clever tools zip ties - 4440754176
By Doug

I've Got a Sinking Feeling About This

zip ties sink funny - 7544846592
By Unknown

Nice Lashes!

zip ties mirrors car repairs - 7349931264
By JamieM3

Don't Have $45 or 45 Minutes? ADD MOAR ZIP TIEZ!

clamps zip ties - 7382635776
By Unknown

It's Cool, We Got Zip Ties

zip ties headlights car repairs - 7170548992
By Emmm

Transporting Drawings? No Portfolio Required!

zip ties duct tape funny there I fixed it - 7726419200
Via bigtimbers


coat hook lock Mission Improbable public bathroom zip ties - 3460893440
By Unknown

A Cheap Fix For an Expensive Gate

zip ties there I fixed it - 7881662464
By diamondchick1

Don't Trust a Carabiner? Zip Tie It!

there I fixed it zip ties - 7947893760
By Unknown

Where Bottled Water Actually Comes From?

zip ties water bottle funny there I fixed it - 7709081856
By Unknown
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