There, I Fixed It



brakes cautionary fail driving wrench wtf - 4132604160
Created by Unknown

Russian Driving

wrench russia - 6691202304
Created by TK

Would You Care For Some Fress-Wrenched Pepper?

clever wrench - 4252276736
Created by Unknown

Sneaky Sneak Leveling

computer dual use tools video games wrench - 5635342592
Created by bwillb ( Via )

Improved Valve Handle

valve pipes wrench - 7130598144
Created by samaroo


wrench - 6451415296
Created by Unknown

Makeshift Splint

zip ties there I fixed it wrench - 7869574656
Created by overwhelmed1

Sometimes You Need to Throw a Wrench in the Works

fix it toilet paper funny wrench - 7484701440
Created by teepee91

There, I'm Trying to Fix It!

car repair engine engine repair wrench - 6233623040
Created by Unknown

Throwing a Spanner in The Plans

cooking kitchen kludge spatula tools wrench - 5806199808
Created by Unknown


Professional At Work wrench - 3570744832
Created by Unknown


not intended use wrench zip tie - 3062489088
Created by Unknown

What Do You Call 4 Hoses and 1 Wrench?

plumber hoses water wrench g rated there I fixed it - 7706863616
Created by Kelley71111

It's Now Safe to Use the Toilet

towel plumbing there I fixed it toilets wrench - 7839652864
Created by TurboJens

Love Seat, Complete With Love Handle

dual use furniture tools wrench - 5185453056
Created by Bubba A.

Not-A-Kludge: This Rubs Me The Wrong Way

not a kludge tools wrench - 4609438208
Created by Unknown
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