There, I Fixed It



messy Professional At Work wires - 4164774144
Created by Unknown

Try Jiggling The White Wire

electrical fire Professional At Work wires - 4388014336
Created by Ea

In a Pinch

wires electricity pliers g rated there I fixed it - 6952138240
Created by Jedi Dan


fire hazard paint Professional At Work wires - 3283803904
Created by Unknown

Ding Dong D'oh!

wires notes g rated there I fixed it - 7376557312
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Light Switch Repair

wires kludges - 7287309312
Created by Unknown

Adapter? I Hardly Know Her

adapter stereo wires - 5587369728
Via Reddit

As Long as Nothing Falls Off

wires grills car repair - 7255371264

Ghetto Automatic Door Fix

wires doors automatic - 7261773824
Created by Marco

Third World Audio Splitter

speakers stereo wires - 4628736256
Created by CrackOS

Minty Fresh Fix

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Created by teajay

I Think I Found The Problem. Everything.

electrical fire Professional At Work wires - 4395662336
Created by Léo

Seems Legit

wires cable - 7188875520
Created by Smeeon

If It Works, Don't Touch It

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Created by Marko Di Marko

"If You'd Like to Make a Call, Please Hang Up and Try Again..."

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Created by Ray

I Think I See The Problem

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Created by Unknown