There, I Fixed It


Mad Science Monday:

ice Mad Science Monday sled snow sports weird winter wtf - 4743178496
By SR1977 (Via

The Great Shovel Famine of '12

dual use snow tax dollars at work winter - 5796883968
By Unknown

Best Snow Plow Ever!

bike good idea plow shovel snow winter - 4298989312
By Unknown

Making the Best of Winter

beer there I fixed it winter - 7953615360
Via Dump a Day

Jack Frost's Winter Will Blot Out The Sun

flashlight shovel snow winter - 5553431296
By Unknown

One Reason Not to Upgrade Your Insulation

computer repair cooling laptop winter - 5453032448
By tehzpoon


bike snow snowplow winter - 4181898240
By Unknown

Thanks Anyway Grandpa, But That's The Neighbor's Driveway

old people snow snowplow winter - 4369702400

Ghetto Glove Dryer

clever DIY dryer winter - 4400481792
By Unknown

Winter Oldsters Have to Get Around Somehow!

walker winter snow snow plow - 6691920384
By Dar-Kfrei

Polar Bear Fur is So Warm

bicycle bike cold dual use gloves g rated hands there I fixed it winter - 5522764032
By imarkadas

Ice To See You

safety first snow winter - 4577023232
By Jonathan D
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