There, I Fixed It


The Word 'Full' Should Probably Have an Asterisk Nex

cars contractors Professional At Work windows - 4853198336
By hemmons

In Seattle, This is a Very Temporary Fix...

windows cars cardboard tape there I fixed it - 7984983040
By dsbdsb

Could You Drill the Window Up? I'm Getting Cold

drills windows car repairs power tools - 7345117184
By Unknown

I'll Just Step Out On To the Balcony

architecture windows balconies - 7201778688
By DoctorTwo

The Kludger's Craigslist

windows cars Kludge duct tape cardboard there I fixed it - 7882396160
By SisterSestina

"Replacing" a Window Generally Means You Remove the Old One First

windows ac air conditioning funny air conditioner - 7623972608
By Unknown

They Must Go to the Same Auto Body Shop

license plates windows cars funny there I fixed it g rated - 7730336768
By Jacques D.


car protection windows wtf - 4077011200
By Unknown

What Do You Mean? Looks Like a Great Fix To Me!

cardboard cars windows - 5064766464
By Unknown

Pro Tips

windows - 7170675712
Via Hero of Switzerland


abomineering air conditioner foam Kludge windows - 3747458560
By SirLedfoot

Doesn't That Wall Look Much Better Now?

there I fixed it windows - 7925579776
Via Pleated Jeans


graffiti home improvement Mission Improbable physics spray paint windows - 3856497920
By BryOnRye

Monitor Backlight Broken?

computers monitors there I fixed it windows - 7993491200
By ciorapel

Fixed That Forking Window

forks there I fixed it windows - 7932013568
By oooEMooo


car packing tape tape windows - 4099070208
By Matt Farnsworth
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