There, I Fixed It

water bottle

Separate Faucets No More!

cold faucet good idea water bottle - 4291724032
By Unknown

We Got a Bottleneck Situation Over Here

dual use water bottle - 5653822208
By Kole

The Bathroom Gutter

bathroom drain gutter water bottle - 5879464960
By stylesuxx

Don't Watch Anything Surprising

chair dual use water bottle - 5652811008
By el.carl2

Water Cooled Air

water bottle water jug water cooler fan - 3729524480
By Unknown

leaky plumbing

dual use recycle toilet water bottle - 5269082112
By grrrr

Drinking In Stereo

radio speaker water bottle - 4342786304
By Unknown

Everybody Keep Cool!

air conditioning fan water bottle - 6537472000
By Unknown

Gas Masks, Peru Style

bottle water bottle - 6382775552
By Unknown

The Classiest of Microphone Stands

microphone water bottle water jug - 6562127872

Actually, I Might Have to Try This One

clever DIY Hall of Fame plastic bag water bottle - 4401336832

Sweet Alignment, Bro

downspout gutter water bottle - 6089607424
By Never

Meanwhile, In The Israeli Army Canteen

speakers stereo water bottle - 5929210880
By Unknown

That Oughtta Do the Trick

fire extinguisher water bottle fire - 6681507072
By Unknown

Perfect Temperature Achieved

dual use plumbing sink water bottle - 4609510912
By Tushar

Water Wingies Are For Losers!

shark water bottle - 6284505600
Via Reddit
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