There, I Fixed It


The Latest in Secure Watering Solutions

water hose - 6674916864
By Ken Witt

Who Let Genius Guy Near the Faucet?

water sink faucet - 6999228416
By Unknown

Good Thing He Chose Plastic

bag leak leaky water - 4262877952
By Junk List

Here's Your New Water Fountain. You'll Take and You'll Like It!

drinking fountain water water cooler water fountain - 6434864128
By Jonathan Hill


fountain make it work water yo dawg - 2966081024
By jasonkw


bathroom faucet Kludge water whoops - 3748860416
By Unknown

Putting the "Buff" in Water Buffer

bag pipe plastic bag water - 6266004480
By Martijn

Loop the loop!

pipe PVC sink water - 3277800448
By Cyberkedi

You May Have a Leak

leak Professional At Work rain water - 5142399488
By vanessa

The Water-Siphoning Thieves Are Less Than Subtle

dual use milk jug water water cooler - 4887433728
By ckal704


air conditioner hose Kludge sprinkler water - 3856856576
By Unknown

The DPW Redefines 'Kludge'

water - 7374411008
By MegaZone

No Fire Extinguisher Available? Guess What?

water fire fire extinguisher - 6822085632
By Madeph

Faucet Had a Rough Night Out

plumbing sink water wtf - 5244552960
By Unknown

What Do You Call 4 Hoses and 1 Wrench?

plumber hoses water wrench g rated there I fixed it - 7706863616
By Kelley71111

Perfect Temp Water. Mind. Blown.

water water bottles sinks funny - 7538010368
By Unknown
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