There, I Fixed It



phone propped up tube - 3543517696
Created by Unknown

Leaky window

bucket leak tube window - 4418885632
Created by Steve

Cheaper Than A Coupling

dual use science sharpie tube - 4755185920
Created by Unknown

Somebody Really Hates Raking Leaves

leaves trash can tube vacuum - 4328471296
Created by Unknown

Oh HVAC Guy, Could I Have a Word With You, Please?

front door hvac pipe tube - 6512863232
Created by Dar-Kfrei ( Via Svalko )

Cutting a Circular Hole in the Glass? Nah!

air conditioning plastic bottle recycling suction tube - 6630790656
Created by Nestor

Got Cold Legs?

heating tube - 5961037312
Created by Sanzhar