There, I Fixed It


There, I Cleaned It!

there I fixed it toilets - 7898095104
Created by Sutashii

Everyone Said the Stalls Were Too Cramped

bathrooms there I fixed it toilets g rated - 7248284160
Created by Kimberly Ault

The Repair and the Sign Are Equally Crappy

signs there I fixed it toilets - 7271738112
Created by Andre Kotze

Trust Me, I'm a Nurse

flushers toilets - 7254650624

Mind Your Head!

bathrooms toilets g rated there I fixed it - 7165763840
Created by DoctorTwo

Handy Bathroom Gadgets

bathrooms toilet paper there I fixed it toilets g rated - 8009392384
Created by Unknown

DIY Toilet

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Created by UltimateDark

The Back Office is Flush With Success

flushers toilets - 7267020032

He'll Buy a New One When He's Flush

wrenches funny toilets - 7592460288
Created by Unknown

For Those Who Never Want Their Girlfriend to Come Over

bathroom humor funny toilets - 7588355840
Created by SapphireBeam

We Want to Talk, But Not Look

bathroom cardboard toilets wtf - 4451468032
Created by johnclayton

Here, Good as New

wood there I fixed it toilets - 8006905088
Created by wilson1828

Next, a Homemade Bidet

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Created by meganeguard ( Via helen-ohara.tumblr )

Make Your Own Toilet

chairs toilets - 7170688256
Via Hero of Switzerland

Plumbers Cost Money, But Kludging is Free

bathroom humor funny toilets - 7677606912
Created by oscar mayer1

Funnel System

bathroom humor road cones funny toilets - 7608194304
Created by Unknown
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