There, I Fixed It


Don't let your eyes stray from the television, you might miss even more hilarious puns and jokes. 

Preparing For Your Paradise Apocalypse

bicycle dual use exercise television video games - 5252348416
Created by Mr47

Come TV, We Don't Need Our Family Anymore

repair television wtf - 5688846336
Created by el.carl2


iphone television - 3645068800
Created by Langly

Kuri Kuri Kuri?

cat television TV - 6384940800
Created by cataddict

This Construction Crew Isn't Inspiring Confidence

holding it up Professional At Work Shaky Support Systems television - 5251215104
Created by tlva734

Self-Installed Anti-Complaining Device

cars parenting television TV - 4736029440

How Much Time Do You Spend In There?

bathroom dangerous plumbing television - 4795352832
Created by -HAPPYCAT-

Moving Priorites

g rated laziness moving day television there I fixed it video games - 5795065088
Created by el.carl2

Football Season Is Coming

football holding it up home improvement satellite dish television - 5173972480
Created by Michael


cautionary fail holding it up stool television - 4234548992
Created by Unknown

Improvise, Adapt, Overcome

Close Enough cut home improvement television - 4663833600
Created by Unknown

Can Wii Play It Now?

HDTV plasma tv Samsung television TV wii - 6499172096
Created by Unknown


freezer television VHS - 3256824832
Created by Unknown


clever lazy television - 4215594240
Created by yeehacmhmaint1

Switching It Up

overkill switch television - 5824026368
Via shd4807

Those Awkward Teenage Years When They First Start Using It

dual use holding it up television - 5269260544
Created by Joe
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