There, I Fixed It


Don't let your eyes stray from the television, you might miss even more hilarious puns and jokes. 


Mission Improbable outdoors sun television umbrella - 3364888576
By Unknown

Just in Time for the Superbowl

dish duct tape football satellite television TV - 5740450560
By Tomyironmane

Careful, Your Priorities Are Showing

careful cars holding it up moving television wtf - 4437846784
By Unknown

HD Antenna

antenna MAD SCIENCE television wtf - 4391827456
By Unknown

What's Important in Life?

ac satellite dish television - 4401520896
By SR1977 (Via

Not Seen on MTV Cribs

classy holding it up television TV - 4451468544
By johnclayton

I Think Wall Mounts Are Supposed To Be Discrete

holding it up Professional At Work television wall mount - 4544497664
By Daniel

If There Were Only Someplace To Stand This TV....

lazy television tv stand - 4365486592
By h2obaby


make it fit Mission Improbable television - 2893851648
By kaitrythis

Updating Your Entertainment Center

cut holes it-fits television - 5217163776
By littlesizzler

Xzibit, You Can Stop Now

hummer overkill television TV wtf - 4903264000
By Unknown


iphone television - 3645068800
By Langly

This Took Years of Memorization

dual use remote control television - 5079869440
By xBenny78x

Hurricane Coming? Just Move It Inside!

television wtf - 5135132160
By The Kendalls

Got a Few Old Pallets Lying Around?

flatscreen HDTV mount pallet plasma tv television TV wall mount - 6537261568
Via Simone Tasca


holding it up sketchy television - 4194191616
By Unknown
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