There, I Fixed It

telephone pole

Of All Places to Put It...

pole telephone pole - 6980687360

That Looks Secure

funny there I fixed it telephone pole - 7779080448
Created by cwclifford

"Rancocas" Means "Fix That Stupid Pole."

telephone pole - 3654673152
Created by Ike Eichhorn

Caution Tape is Appropriate

caution tape phone pole telephone pole - 6217101312
Created by Unknown

Just... A Bit... More!!!

forklift crane telephone pole - 6591412480

Are We in a Vortex or Something?

drunk street light car accident telephone pole - 6945947392
Created by Unknown

Kaution: Krappy Kludging

caution tape parking telephone pole - 6432408064
Created by Unknown

The Pole Position

pole telephone pole - 6235680768
Created by HebdaReamo

That's One Way to Add Capacity!

phone pole pole telephone pole - 6519069440
Created by Unknown

Got Power Line Clearance Issues?

mailbox pole telephone pole - 6574857728
Created by batteryguy

Service in Russia

cherry picker russia telephone pole - 6506920192
Created by Unknown

We All Need Something To Lean On

2x4 leaning support telephone pole - 5604537600
Created by Unknown

It Could Use Some Rerouting

bike india tangled telephone pole wires - 6039624448

Extreme Makeover: Telephone Pole Edition

phone pole telephone pole - 6390014208
Created by shaunep

No Right Turn

telephone pole pole phone pole - 6653340160
Created by porkercal

Afterthought Avenue

road paint telephone pole - 7131566592
Created by mavhuntrx

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