There, I Fixed It


A Clean Window is Essential

cars stupidity windshield - 4825068288
By hajdub
dangerous Hall of Fame safety first stupidity Video - 20720641

Don't Worry, He's Wearing a Seatbelt

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I Was Ready To Use My Lockpick and Everything!

chain FAIL locked up stupidity - 4682230272
By Unknown

Two Men and a Car Moving Company

cars moving day stupidity wtf - 5244261120
By Unknown

What a Leech

electrical fire electricity outlet stupidity - 5277226240
By Unknown

No, This Isn't What a Ziplock Is

padlock security stupidity zip ties - 5638824704
By Ron Killgore

It Ends With a Bang

dangerous ouch slide stupidity toys - 5168784640
By Unknown

What Devilry Is This?!

holding it up stupidity wtf - 4996748544
By Sapporo

These Things Should Really Come With Instructions

bumper repair cars stupidity - 5803611392
By nesquick

Somebody Blue This Job

bad puns Hall of Fame Professional At Work stupidity - 5206698496
By Unknown

No Bike Rack? No Problem!

bicycle cars dangerous driving stupidity - 5244012800
By Unknown

At Home Painting Service

cars painting stupidity - 5355089664
By fgeitas (Via

Sandwich, Not Sign, Artists

ladder Professional At Work stupidity Subway - 5528366080
By Unknown

College Rules: Not For Everyone

college lock locked up rubber band stupidity - 4765140480
By ZachSeale