There, I Fixed It


Who needs coals?

coal hookah stove - 6115815168
Created by jenturk

These Staycations Are Really Getting Out of Hand

cooking dangerous fire kitchen kludge safety first stove - 4799895808
Created by jazz98

Oven Repairs

grill kitchen oven range stove - 6592573696
Created by Unknown

Natural Emissions

cars Hall of Fame stove volvo wtf - 5812536320

That Faux Cardboard Is Really Catching On

cardboard cooking Hall of Fame kitchen kludge stove - 5397016576
Created by BigWhiteGuitar

Just Don't Turn On That Other Burner

hot water kitchen kludge stove wtf - 4855541248
Created by Alexander[ru]


fire kettle kitchen stove - 4338751232
Created by Unknown

The Refrigerange

fridge kitchen oven range refrigerator stove - 6339322112
Created by son-of-a-door-mat

Your Wedding Limo Has Arrived

cars dual use stove truck wtf - 5380433664
Created by David

Everything Works Better With a Chain

chain kitchen kludge oven stove - 4564728320
Created by Phaewryn

Don't Stand Between a Man and His Meal

kitchen pot stove - 6014414336
Created by Kewee_

I'll Take My Steak Medium RAWR!

bbq g rated stove there I fixed it - 6013701888
Created by Unknown

The Electric Kettle is Broken?

kettle there I fixed it stove - 7927345920
Created by Unknown

A Tribute to Trogdor

awesome not a kludge stove wtf - 5159944192
Via Reddit

Our Sausages

stove - 6696000256
Created by samshoo

Wash In Hot Plate Cycle Only

stove washer funny - 7429403392
Created by Unknown
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