There, I Fixed It


Don't Stand Between a Man and His Meal

kitchen pot stove - 6014414336
By Kewee_

I'm Sorry, This Burner is Taken

cooking kludge kitchen stove wtf - 5838747648
By Unknown

Our Sausages

stove - 6696000256
By samshoo


fire kettle kitchen stove - 4338751232
By Unknown

Just Don't Turn On That Other Burner

hot water kitchen kludge stove wtf - 4855541248
By Alexander[ru]

Oven Repairs

grill kitchen oven range stove - 6592573696
By Unknown

Brazier Daisy

fire grill stove - 6358243072
By Elvis (Via Elvis Kennes)

A Tribute to Trogdor

awesome not a kludge stove wtf - 5159944192
Via Reddit

Yet Another Hotel Stove

dual use iron stove - 5702696704
By Rafael

Everything Works Better With a Chain

chain kitchen kludge oven stove - 4564728320
By Phaewryn

Who needs coals?

coal hookah stove - 6115815168
By jenturk

These Staycations Are Really Getting Out of Hand

cooking dangerous fire kitchen kludge safety first stove - 4799895808
By jazz98

Don't Forget To Bring a <strike>Towel</strike> Hotplate

dual use plumbing shower stove wtf - 5697716224
By jayolay

Microwaves! Ha!

frying pan microwave stove tin foil - 6425938688
By Archer842


coffee kitchen recycling-is-good-right stove - 3298773248
By Unknown

Pool Too Cold?

cold hose hot hot water pipe pool range stove swimming temperature - 6263854848
By tamatisk
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