There, I Fixed It


Indiana Jones and the Temple of Boom

art speakers statue stereo - 6040829440
Via Benoit Maubrey

A Perfect Anti-Theft Strategy

cars stereo wtf - 4486743808
Created by metroidvictim


bicycle stereo wtf - 4259140352
Created by Unknown

Car Audio, Home Audio

dual use stereo technology - 5742674432
Created by Unknown

For That Great Car Sound!

hard drive stereo win - 5846025472
Created by patmatte


car dashboard stereo tape - 4024662016
Created by SrChavez85

My Knob's Too Big!

knob radio stereo - 6165163520
Created by Omoshi

As Seen at a McDonalds Drive-Thru

car audio car fail car fix car stereo speakers stereo - 6489357568
Created by Daniel

Meanwhile, In The Israeli Army Canteen

speakers stereo water bottle - 5929210880
Created by Unknown

If It Fits, It Fits!

CD player dashboard dual use stereo - 4880782848
Created by Unknown

The Low End is a Bit Tinny

abomineering can dual use speakers stereo tin can - 4642417920
Created by CrackOS

No Thief Would Dare

cars dashboard radio stereo woody - 4737406208
Created by bendingspoons2

The Remote-Controlled Remote Control

stereo remote control - 6841890304
Via Reddit

Nice Stereo, Dude! Did You Have It Custom-Installed?

audio car stereo speakers stereo - 6468767744
Created by Raymond A.

Mad Science Monday: Cruising In a Teenage Wasteland

duct tape go kart Mad Science Monday stereo - 5167137792
Created by jcw608

Moving Sideways In Time

apple products boombox dual use ipod stereo - 4846310912
Created by Unknown
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