There, I Fixed It


Off the Grid

electricity outlet plug power socket - 6483949056
By EddieOffermann

Go Plug Yourself!

electricity plug socket wires - 6140033792
By Unknown

Stupidity Level: Over 9000

plug socket outlet - 6795228672
By Unknown

Plug Redundancy

plug laundry socket outlet washing machine - 7132373760
By Glenn

Safety First!

cable electricity outlet plug socket tree wood - 6086985472
By facusan77

Plug It In, Plug It In!

adapter charger Hall of Fame outlet plug power strip socket - 6185876224
By GalderGollum

Stay in the Socket, Damn You!

banana charger socket - 6351226112
By PyroDC


socket tools wrench - 4162519296
By Unknown

Adapt to Survive

electricity plug socket - 6035898624
By Brian

Who Needs an Electrician?

plug socket - 6580674816
By napjeeper

Just Can't Get Enough!

plug socket outlet - 6766382848
By Unknown

No, No, No! I Draw the Line at Electric Water!

electrical outlet outlet plug socket - 6410817280
By Unknown


electrical hazard Mission Improbable plug socket wait wut - 3545893632
By Unknown

Shockingly Stylish!

outlet plug poorly dressed ring socket - 6610534656
By Unknown


electrical hazard mirror socket - 3169995776
By Unknown

The Ol' Reacharound

power cord socket wall - 4970710784
By Tony Nesvacil
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